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Wild Folk NA Cocktail



Excluding GST/HST

Made in Canada.


Sparkling Negroni: Made up of 26 herbs, roots, rinds and botanicals, this beverage is layered with complexity. All natural ingredients with the main tasting notes of: Rhubarb, grapefruit rind, star anise, rosehip, and Juniper. This is our version is based on the popular “Americano” of 1860. Part “Campari” part “Vermouth”. It is a bold, lightly carbonated sipper. Slightly sweeter than the Vermouth Spritz and a true representation of Campari with it’s all natural burnt-orange colour.


Bee's Knees: Based on the 1920’s cocktail of gin, lemon and honey. With only 10g sweetness from pure honey. This cocktail is made up of 19 herbs, roots, rinds and botanicals, encompassing many flowers that bees feed off of: Dandelion flower & root, red clover, elderflower, rose hip, Iris flower root



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